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Eating Land of Oz Beef is a steakhouse experience at home. 

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Premium Quality
Selling premium Black Angus beef from America's Heartland. Where the World's best Black Angus beef is raised.
Hormone Free
We raise 100% Hormone Free Angus beef processed in the USA. Hand picked from family ranches in TX, OK and KS.
Best Tasting
Marbled, tender, juicy and best tasting Black Angus beef. Just grill with a little seasoning and skip the condiments.

Happy Cattle 

Our beef cattle, hormone free and grass-fed

Happily grazing


Top quality!


This boneless steak has more marbling than our other steaks which creates an extra juicy, flavorful …

Filet Mignon
$10.80 - $20.25

The most tender cut of beef, making it the most desirable! Located at the smaller end of the tenderl…

We are your meat connoisseurs!

Be picky. Choose quality! When cooking at home, start with with top quality beef to create the best tasting meals possible. We offer ranch raised cattle from Texas and Kansas ranches, America's heartland, selecting the highest quality, best tasting beef.

New Products

Just in!

Hanger Steak

*Temporarily sold out. Will be back in stock the end of Sep when our processing finishes. Feel free …

Teres Major  *Rare

The Teres Major is the second most tender cut after the tenderloin. This rare cut needs to be extrac…

Boneless Beef Ribs, similar to Plate Ribs and Chuck Short Ribs.
$22.00 - $49.50

Boneless Beef Ribs, Country Ribs - The same juicy, flavorful rib you see in our other ribs. Now offe…