Hey! just wanted to reach out and say holy cow !!!! Those were the meatiest juiciest most flavorful ribs we've ever had. All our friends raved about them all night and a few asked for your number !

Tri tip roast... Beef was med super juicy and the best I've ever had. This was the best roast I've eaten and I mean it.

The steak was incredible!!! Omg I really think that was one of the best steaks I've ever eaten.

...stew meat (it was phenomenal)

Made spaghetti. Great flavor. Had two strip steaks this weekend. Very happy.

I cooked one of the hamburger meat I ordered. Without a doubt, it's the best I ever ate.

we had the flank steak, too. So tender. We didn't even need a knife once it was sliced.

OMG this burger is absolutely incredible thank you thank you thank you !

Beef was delicious was hard to stop eating. I hope I don't need an intervention!

Was the best Filet we ever had. Could cut with a fork!

Land of Oz,  Absolutely delicious! Tender, juicy. Thank you!