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Try It Weekly Bundle changes every week, check in to see what delicious packages we put together next!

**Substitutions welcome.

Bundle Variety  $200

1 lb Beef Bratwurst, Orginal

1 lb Brat Minis

1 lb Beef Bacon

1 Summer Sausage

1 lb Cheesesteak

2 Flat Iron Steak

2 Teres Major, Petite Tender (rivals the filet)

2 NY Strip

2.75 lbs Round Roast

3.75 lbs Arm Roast Bone In

2 lbs Stew Meat

2 lbs Round Steak


Smokin' Bundle $200 

5.5 lbs Beef Belly, Beef Navel

15.25 lbs Brisket

5 lbs Dino Ribs

4 lbs Roast








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