Sausage, Bacon, Bratwurst, Summer Sausage

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Product Description

Made with 100% beef - sausage, bratwurst & bacon. 

*Beef Bratwurst - Traditional, classic flavor. 4 links, 1 lb package.

*Jalepeno & Cheddar - Subtle heat & jalepeno flavor. 4 links, 1 lbs package.

*Bratwurst Minis - This recipe comes from a German restaurant. Created in mini size, perfect for breakfast or sliders. 9 links, 1 lb package. 

*Summer Sausage - Labor intensive to create, but so worth it. A great addition to your charcuterie boards. 

*Beef Bacon - Mmm, bacon. If you haven't tried beef bacon, you are in for a treat! Cooks quickly. Bonus! Save the oil for cooking. Simply strain any bacon bits and you are ready to fry your eggs or delicious steak or save in a container with a lid. 1 lb package.