Beef Belly, Beef Navel

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Product Description

At this time navel is on custom request, pre order. I will update when in stock.

  • Beef Navel for creating beef bacon and pastrami. 

What buyers are saying...

Like a good quality, non fat brisket. Rich flavor.

A buyer's recipe...Rudy's rub, salt and pepper, 3 days cured. Smoked 1 1b for 1 1/2 hours at 175. I sliced what I wanted and heated it in the air fryer with jalapeno and tomato. I diced the meat, added avocado and green sauce. It's amazing. It has a tough layer to pull off. I didn't see how to pull before smoking. It comes off easily. Meat is tender and the fat seemed to have, mostly, cooked off. It's now like a lean brisket.